Dirty Tricks Restaurants Do to Save Money

Dirty Restaurant Tricks

You’re not the only one who wants to be frugal where possible. Restaurants want to be frugal too! And they are being successful. But success for one party isn’t great for another.

As you go out for dinner at a restaurant you expect them to provide you with excellent service and food. It’s the name of their game. However they’re cutting corners, coming up with sneaky ways to save money on the little things that add up in the long run!

Us customers have no idea what goes on in the restaurant, their practices and preparations. These dirty tricks restaurants do to save money might just make you contemplate cancelling that table reservation for Friday night!

As that basket of bread is placed upon your table by the waiter ask yourself: how fresh is this bread? It’s unlikely that you’re getting it fresh just for you and your company. Most likely it’s an accumulation of leftovers from other tables earlier in the service. They’re being sneaky and trying to save any way they can!

When you ponder over the menu and feel like ordering either meat or fish, keep in mind how chefs would prepare these meals. Restaurant kitchens try to use every cut of meat where possible. They want to save produce and money.

Dishes that involve pieces of meat or fish tossed through rich pastas or soups are not a safe bet. They tend to be older off-cuts especially saved for dishes that strong flavor can conceal. You won’t be able to account for its freshness, as you won’t be able to taste it!

When you need to use the restaurant bathroom, check the state of it. You mightn’t think this has anything to do with them trying to save money, but the standard of hygiene in the bathroom could easily be reflected in the kitchen. If the bathroom floors are unclean, bins overflowing and a general filthiness felt around, then you have no idea what dirty tricks they are using in the kitchen!

At the end of the day you’re paying a restaurant to feed you. Just be mindful with what you order and the general upkeep of the establishment as you are forking out cash for this experience.

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