Best Cheap, Child-Free Entertainment


I love my children, but I know how important it is to relax and take some downtime. My mother-in-law takes the kids occasionally so my husband and I can plan a date and reconnect. It helps us feel like a young couple again so many years of marriage! Here are my favorite ideas for those times when you are child-free.

Free museums and art galleries

Art and culture goes a long way to feeding your soul. A trip to the museum or art gallery is not only a way to experience the culture in your local community, but it’s a thrifty way to spend a morning. Going to the museum or art gallery can be enjoyed solitarily or with friends, and is usually free, making this option and all-round winner when you need some time to wind down.

Live music

If you can get your mother-in-law or a babysitter to mind the kids at night, a great way to spend an evening out with the hubby is seeing a free gig at a bar. Most bars won’t have a cover charge when a local band is playing, so this is a great way to see some free music in a great atmosphere. Eat dinner beforehand so you won’t be tempted to snack on pub fare, which can add up.

Visit your local park

Grab a book from home or pick one up from the library and take a stroll through your local park or gardens. Settling down on a park bench by yourself with a good book can be a great way to unwind with nature. Take time to look at the local flora and fauna – being outdoors can help to promote relaxation and feelings of content. Much better than wasting your precious down-time by checking your social media accounts.

What’s your favorite ‘date’ day or night idea?

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