(Almost) Free Outdoor Activities that Aren’t Boring


Whether you’re newly frugal or someone who’s been thrifty forever, sometimes you can be dumbfounded at what to do for entertainment. When you’ve got kids and a hubby in tow, it can be hard to think up new ideas on the spot where everyone will have a good time (including you!), while keeping costs down. Check out these (almost) free outdoor activities where you won’t be bored to death.

Yard sales/flea markets

I’m not contradicting myself here: I know the goods for purchase at flea markets cost money. But you don’t have to buy anything (and if you do, flea markets are one of the most frugal places to buy anything you may need!). It is very entertaining to walk around the stalls and talk to the merchants. Some stall holders will even let you have a free sample of their product to help get the word out.

Ride a bike or take a walk in your neighborhood

These two may seem obvious, but maybe you haven’t given much thought about how great these activities make you feel while allowing you to get some exercise in. The whole family will love going on a little bike riding adventure – I know my kids are happier when they’re outdoors, and they will enjoy having mom and dad around too. You’ll also like getting to know your neighborhood by bike or foot, rather than from behind a car steering wheel.


Most communities have a free or cheap public pool – this is the ultimate family day out on a hot summer day! Take some magazines or books for you and hubby to read while the kids play in the pool. For lunch, bring food from home in a picnic basket so you won’t have to buy the unhealthy snacks that are served at most pools. If you can’t afford the pool, your town may be blessed with swimmable lakes or beaches – take advantage of them! Just don’t forget the sun block.

Parades/holiday celebrations

Many holidays hold free parades that the whole family will enjoy. Keep an eye on whether your community holds free outdoor celebrations for Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, St. Patrick’s Day, the 4th of July or New Year’s Eve. These are some of the best kind of events you can attend as they are almost guaranteed to be free and provide a high level of stimulation for every member of the family.

There’s nothing better than enjoying outdoor activities frugally and guilt-free. What’s your favorite free outdoor activity?

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