6 awesome Halloween hacks to save cash

Halloween hacks to save you!

October 31st is the night where kids (and adults) across America dress in either a favorite character costume or a really creepy outfit to walk around their neighborhood, knocking on doors in the hopes of receiving free candy (or box of raisins, depending on your neighbors…)

Wearing a costume is only dressing the part. You have to play the part too. And by that I mean decorating your house. I know I’m not alone in saying there’s a bit of a competition come Halloween time of whose house in the neighborhood is the spookiest. But fear not, making your house look scary doesn’t have to come at a scary cost.

These six Halloween decorating ideas are easy and cheap – just head to your nearest Dollar Store, novelty or craft store to make your home Halloween ready.

Packets of spiders and spider webs

Fake spiders and webs are inexpensive and have a spooky effect when they are scattered around the place. Think halls and chandeliers inside, fencing and plants outside in the garden. You can also decorate your front door with them so trick or treaters will be faced with them when they knock for trick or treat.

An inexpensive twist on the traditional carved pumpkin

Pumpkin lanterns are the cheaper alternative to the carved pumpkin. All you have to do is place a candle inside  that will emit through the carved face for all to see. These pumpkin lanterns can be placed inside and outside the house to create a traditional Halloween atmosphere at a fraction of the cost.

Get creative with some simple black paper

Draw the outline of Halloween animals such as bats and spiders, and creatures such as witches and ghosts on black card paper. Cut out the shapes and stick to the windows in your house. Turn on the lights in your room and passersby will see these creepy shadows inside your home.

Styrofoam is your best friend

With Styrofoam you can create some eerie tombstones to place in your front garden. Simply stencil a tombstone shape onto the piece of Styrofoam then cut it out. Spray paint it gray and with black marker write some wording on the front. Insert some wooden dowel rods into the bottom of the gravestone so that it can be inserted into the ground in your garden.

Fill glass jars with creepy parts

Use assorted glass jars to create spooky specimens. Simply fill with water and green food coloring, then add fake human body parts such as eyeballs, fingers etc, or worms, snakes and scorpions found at novelty stores.

Balloons and sheets

Helium balloons can be bought in a packet from the party supply store. Once you inflate the balloons, cover them with a sheet. This will make the inside of your house look like it is riddled with ghosts.

Happy Halloween!

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