Why I love the Netflix One-Month Free Trial


Before you sign up for your Netflix one-month free trial, know this. It’s addictive. There’s something delicious about knowing that you can watch episode after episode of your new favorite TV program night after night without the interruption of advertisements, the looming threat of DVD late fines or the niggling guilt about watching an illegal download.

It’s easy to access the special one-month free Netflix trial offer and begin accessing a huge database of classic and new release movies and wonderful award winning TV shows from some of our best networks like HBO. There is literally years worth of viewing for y’all. Pass the popcorn!

About Netflix

Netflix was set up in California in 1997 and is now a leading supplier of online streaming videos. (They also have a monthly DVD mail service if you prefer watching your movies and shows that way). If you’d to know more about how Netflix works, check out the FAQ https://signup.netflix.com/HowItWorks

Before you get started with your Netflix on-month free trial you need to check a few things.

How to activate your Netflix one-month free trial

First, you’ll need a device with internet access – this could be desktop PC, laptop or tablet (personally I wouldn’t go any smaller than this, although it is possible)

Access the offer on the Netflix website http://www.netflix.com/activate. Once you are there click the link Not a Member to proceed to the trial sign up page.

Provide a valid email address and choose a password, then Continue.

You can then complete the Netflix Free Trial sign up process and you’re one step closer to unlimited movies and television shows 24/7. Soon you’ll be able to stream amazing shows and movies to your computer, TV, even the kids

But a word of warning from one tired Mama. Netflix can be addictive. Check out my blog post on my own Netflix Addiction.

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