Why I Love Walmart Coupons


When I’m counting my pennies, I always, always look for Walmart coupons to help my budget stretch further.

Walmart Coupons website

The great thing about Walmart coupons is that you can find them right on the Walmart website (http://coupons.walmart.com)which means not collecting and clipping newspapers. You can simply visit the website and see what savings are available on your favorite products any day of the week.
Browse through the list to select your products then click Print Coupons to send your Walmart Coupons right to your printer. You can then take them into the store with you and count those savings!

Nature’s Valley coupons

This week I saved on Nature Valley ™ Granola Bars which the kids love (50c off two boxes) and also $1.00 off any 3 boxes of Pop Tarts (for the kids, you know. Not me. I would never eat a Peanut Butter Pop Tart. Nup.)
But it’s not just snacks you can save on. They have coupons for everything including some great deals on hair and beauty. Last week I saved $3 off L’Oreal Advanced in the super family sized bottles. A great deal. They also had Olay Total Effects – which I love – for $2 off.

Huggies Diaper coupon

And usually there are great savings on diapers. Huggies were $2 off the whole range last week. You can sometimes get coupons for other baby stuff like wipes too.
Not that we need diapers in our house any more. Except for last night. Ooops. Accidents do sometimes happen. Lucky I stocked up on Persil when it was $3 off last week!
After the week I’ve had, it’s nice to sit and take a minute to enjoy a coffee and a sweet treat. Last week I bought a couple of bags of Butterfinger mini bars at 50c off the 11oz pack. A great saving so I don’t feel guilty about buying them. And only the tiniest bit guilty about eating them…

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