Why I Love Trader Joe’s


Trader Joe’s started trading in back in 1967 – maybe that’s where the Tiki theme came from? Anyway, this store is more than just a store, it’s a trader-themed shopping experience that brings the best and tastiest groceries from all corners of the globe to you. Sure it’s kitsch – there are tikis and grass hut displays where ever you turn but this is all part of the charm. It makes shopping a personal experience, not a sterile inhospitable one. In fact, one of Trader Joe’s main selling points is that they don’t try to be like their grocery chain competitors – they march to their beat of their own – tribal – drum.

Finding Inner Peas at Trader Joe’s

There are over 400 Trader Joe stores in 30 states. Each store is different but all adhere to the Trader Joe principle. Their house brand products have hilarious names that take the whole novelty-shopping thing to the next level. My kids love Inner Peas – a crisp, salty pea flavored snack – a packet of which buys me a whole lot of peace on the way home from the store.

Chocolate coated everything

This is the place to come when you want something exotic – but be warned, these treats end up becoming staples in your weekly shopping – like the ridiculously good Trader Joe’s Peanut Butter and Raspberry Jelly Milk Chocolate Bar. I know, right? And speaking of chocolate, these guys have an impressive range of chocolate covered things the likes of which you’ve never seen before – chocolate covered potato chips, anyone? How about chocolate edamame peas?

Budget-friendly, totally drinkable wine

Right, so Trader Joe’s is also famous for it’s super cheap and delicious wine including a Merlot which can be had for the princely sum of $2.99 – and it’s very drinkable. I must confess. Shoppers are very loyal to Trader Joes. It was recently voted the number 2 grocery chain in America after Wegmans (a tough act to follow). Did you know that the private label Trader Joe’s range is all GMO-free. That gets my vote alone.


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