Why I love Amazon (and it’s not just books)

Why I love Amazon

Amazon has been king of the online retail jungle since 1995. I remember when I first opened my Amazon account back in the day when people were afraid to shop online. The things that impressed me then are still the things that impress me about Amazon today – namely, fast shipping and customer reviews. But there are a whole bunch of reasons why I love Amazon…

Shipping options

I love the range of shipping options available on www.amazon.com. If you need something super quick, there’s a shipping option for that. Free shipping (for orders over $35), release-date delivery, same-day delivery (for those last minute purchases and gifts) and shipping options for large items like TVs and bicycles.

Amazon Prime

If you shop with Amazon a lot, you may want to consider signing up to Amazon Prime. It’s like a frequent shopper loyalty program when you spend $99 a year and end up with a whole lot o benefits, like free 2-day shipping, free same-day delivery (in many locations), access to music and video streaming and many more features. The shipping part almost pays for itself!
Find out more about the benefits of Amazon Prime.

Customer reviews on Amazon

The heart and soul of the Amazon experience is the wonderful, insightful customer reviews. Sometimes I seek out what a particular users has to say about a certain product, because I know and trust his or her opinion (from reading their previous reviews). If you’re shopping for a big-ticket item, reading customer reviews is a must but they are important too when choosing small appliances, beauty products and of course, Amazon’s original offering: books.

Hard to find items

Don’t you love it when you find the exact shade of liquid makeup that suits your skin color and type perfectly? Don’t you hate it when you find that the brand has rudely discontinued that very shade? Well, one of the other things I love about Amazon is that it’s a great place to find and purchase end of line, discontinued colors, fragrances and more. It’s a treasure trove of hard to find beauty items – so stock up before they disappear forever.

Amazon Returns

One of the big issues with shopping online is returning purchases that are too big, too small or just wrong. One of the other things I love about Amazon is its returns policy. Seriously. There is never any issue with returning something for whatever reason. They have detailed returns policy that really works in favor of the shopper and a A-Z Guarantee when you purchase from 3rd party sellers on the Amazon network. Read more about the Amazon returns policy here.

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