5 Frugal Hacks to Save Money at Target

Target is my go-to store for beauty buys, clothing, electronics, toys, household essentials… The list goes on! Here are my top 5 hacks for saving money at Target.

Frugal hacks to save money at Target 5 Star Saver

Buy the store brands

A great way to save money while shopping at Target? Buying the generic brands. Unlike many grocery stores, Target doesn’t just have one store brand – it has an amazing selection of store brands in different departments. Try looking for the Up and Up line, which has many different types of products all over the store, as well as Market Pantry, Simply Balanced and Archer Farms for more grocery-focused products. If you’re in the market for pet supplies, look for Boots and Barkley.

Get a store card

If you’re a dedicated Target shopper, it’s worth looking into getting a REDcard. This store card saves you 5% on ALL purchases and an extra 30 days for returns. If you like online shopping, you’ll also get free shipping. What’s not to love?

Stack your coupons

The great thing about shopping at Target is that you can combine coupons, so you can get the best deal possible. The best way to do this is to download Target’s Cartwheel app – it lets you see all the coupon deals for items in the store. You can scan items to see if they’re on sale, or browse the mobile-only deals by category. And the Cartwheel app doesn’t just have store coupons – you can view manufacturer’s coupons too. All you need to do is choose the coupons you want and then scan the bar code when you’re at the checkout.

Check out the Weekly Deals

If you prefer finding deals the old fashioned way, have a look at the Weekly Deals circular. This is where Target publishes all the products on sale for that week. And unlike the Cartwheel deals, you don’t need coupons to shop these great deals. The offers generally range from buy one get one free deals, to discounts on seasonal items and cash back in Target gift cards.

Request a “Rain Check”

If you go to your local Target store and find that a sale item is out of stock, you can make sure you secure the deal for the next 30 days (up to 45 in some states) by asking for a “Rain Check”. You’ll receive a coupon that ensures you get the sale price when the item is restocked.

Inform Target of your Feedback

On your receipt you will notice a link to the InformTarget survey, take a couple of minutes out of your day and follow our tips to complete the InformTarget Feedback Survey 

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