6 Great Taco Bell Hacks

Taco Bell Restaurant Hacks

Taco Bell is one of my all-time favourite fast food stores. After all, sometimes there’s nothing better than tucking into some Mexican food – and even better if its fast, right?

Taco Bell is already a very frugal establishment, as most of the menu items are priced very reasonably, but we’ve got some easy hacks on getting even more bang for your buck at Taco Bell. Check our tips out below.

Taco Bell app

The Taco Bell app is easy to download, has a simple sign-up process and allows you to order and pay for your order on the app. This is great for people who want to skip the queue, and see the prices of what they’re ordering – and how they add up – in real time. The app will also suit serial Taco Bell patrons, as you can save your order and easily reorder the same thing again next time you’re in Taco Bell – great if you have a favourite menu item. And speaking of the app…

Take advantage of app-only deals

The Taco Bell app isn’t only good for people who hate waiting in line – it’s perfect for bargain hunters, too. There are exclusive app deals and menus designed to reward you and save you money. Be sure to download it before your next visit to really make your money stretch further.

Tell the Bell & Win $500

How was your meal at Taco Bell, by simply completing a few questions in the Taco Bell customer experience Survey Tell the Bell, you will be entered into the Sweepstakes where you can win $500. Follow the easy notes in the 5starsaver review of TelltheBell survey

Visit during Happier Hour

From 2pm to 5pm every day, Taco Bell holds ‘Happier Hour’, where every drink on the menu is just $1. This even includes specialty drinks, like the Freezes and Mountain Dew Baja Blasts, but also includes regular drinks and old favourites like Pepsi or Dr Pepper.

Add guacamole

If you’re a fan of adding guacamole to your Mexican food, you’re in luck. When you add guacamole to any menu item at Taco Bell, it will only cost you 30 cents. Better than the Mexican restaurant down the street, I say! Try adding guacamole to your beef or bean burrito for an extra flavor hit.

Order from the Dollar Cravings Menu

The Dollar Cravings Menu is perfect if you only want something small – and it’s very easy on the wallet! Everything on the Dollar Cravings Menu is – you guessed it – one dollar! Menu items range from the Mini Quesadillas to Triple Layer Nachos to Cinnamon Twists, so there’s something savory or sweet for every craving.

What’s your favourite way to save money at Taco Bell? Let us know!

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