Simple Tricks to Save Cash at Kroger

Save money shopping at Kroger 5 Star Saver

It’s no secret that Kroger is the king of organic food. But it turns out Kroger is also a great place to shop if you need to stretch your grocery budget further. There are plenty of ways to save money and find deals at Kroger. Here are a few of our favorites.

Get a Kroger Plus Card

If you’re new to Kroger, get yourself a Kroger Plus Card from the customer service desk. This is the number one way to ensure you’re getting the best deals at Kroger. You can use this card every time you make a purchase, and it can be used to get discounts on certain products. Plus, for every dollar you spend, you get 1 point towards the Fuel Rewards program, which gets you money off your gas.

Take advantage of digital coupons

Make sure you’re getting the most out of your Kroger Plus Card by loading it up with digital coupons. You can choose to load coupons from Kroger, Mambo Sprouts, P&G eSavers and Cellfire. Shop around and choose the ones you’re most likely to use, because you can fill up your card if you choose too many.

Don’t miss the Free Friday Download

If you’ve got a Kroger Plus Card, Kroger offers you a Free Friday Download. This means you can get one product at a Kroger store for absolutely free! You just need to make sure that you login to your Kroger Plus Card account to claim the coupon on a Friday and load it onto your card. It is then valid for a few weeks.

Keep your account details updated

If you’ve had your Kroger Plus Card for a few years, make sure that all of your contact information on the card is up-to-date. The reason why? Because the more you use your Kroger Plus Card, the more Kroger will send you special physical coupons in the mail. You don’t want these great deals going to your old address!

Check out the receipt

When you make a purchase at Kroger, at the checkout the printer will issue you coupons on the back of your receipt – so remember to take a look at it before you toss it in the trash. You’ll find that you usually get store coupons, as well as coupons for local businesses like restaurants and dry cleaners.

The receipt also holds an opportunity to win $5000 in the Krogerfeedback Survey – follow our 5 tips on completing the survey

Do you shop at Kroger? Do you have any savings tips that you would recommend? Comment below!

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