Why the Sephora Loyalty Program is so great


As a beauty junkie myself, I know a good beauty loyalty program when I see one. The Sephora loyalty program called Beauty Insider is free to join, rewarding you with an abundant supply of beauty products and incentives! Registering is simple, with an online registration form needing only your name, email, password and birth date.

Beauty Insider is a tiered points system. You earn one point per dollar you spend and after earning a certain amount you can redeem those points for member exclusive specials! There are three levels in this program. You have to reach certain price points to be able to advance to a higher state in the loyalty program. These levels outline the different stages of your participation. First stage is Beauty Insider, second stage is VIB and third stage is VIB Rouge for those who are all things beauty obsessed!

The Beauty Insider rewards are astounding! You receive a birthday gift that isn’t stingy like other beauty stores’ programs. I know from experience with other stores that you would only receive a couple of small samples and that’s it! But Sephora gives you mini versions of popular items that have quite a lot of product in them. You’ll also receive product rewards, seasonal promotions and free beauty classes. For the classes you need to enroll beforehand and then attend the selected stores where the classes are held.

Personal recommendations are also a part of Beauty Insider, as you can fill out a profile and then they’ll know what you love and what will work best for your eye color, complexion and skin condition. Sephora also has pop-up sales that announce 10% off exclusively for members. These sales tend to only last for the day they are announced and advertised. So you really have to be on the ball to capitalize on the sales.

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