What’s to love about Macys Loyalty Program


Macy’s is a mid-range traditional department store catering to their returning customer with a traditional loyalty program. Macys loyalty program is called Macy’s Star Rewards. To be eligible to earn these rewards and benefits you need to have a Macy’s Credit Card that you can make the purchases with.

How to Apply for Macy’s Credit Card

Applying for a Macy’s Credit Card is relatively easy. You need to hand over a bit of information though, including personal, security and financial. There is also a verification process which requires details about another credit card you own. Having a Macy’s Credit Card is just like owning a credit card from a bank, except it is exclusive with Macy’s!

Macy’s Loyalty Levels

Macy’s Star Rewards Credit Card program has three levels: Preferred, Elite and Premier Elite. The rewards differ per level and are based on how much money you spend in the calendar year.

  • Preferred – $1-$499 per year
  • Elite – $500-$999 per year
  • Premier Elite $1,000+ per year

The three levels of Macys loyalty program are pretty consistent in terms of what it is that you earn. The levels cover Macy’s Star pass mailings, surprise savings offers at the register, thanks for sharing rewards, happy birthday offer and exclusive shipping!

5 Star Saver Says:


This loyalty program definitely requires your loyalty! You are signing up for another credit card just to use at one store. If you know you will only shop at Macy’s department stores, then this loyalty program is great as all the levels contain different benefits!


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