5 Reasons I Love Publix


Publix grocery chain is 7th biggest food retailer in North America. And they only have stores in six states. And here’s five reasons why I love them.

Great team

Customer service is second to none here. The associates very willing to answer questions and steer you in the right direction for the products you are after. Publix motto is “Where shopping is a pleasure” and with a friendly team on hand, it really is a pleasure to shop there.

Great place to work

The associates are so happy that Publix has been rated on of the top 100 companies to work for in the USA. For the past 16 years… That’s some pretty serious staff morale, right there. The company has a staff development policy that helps promote workers through the ranks. Even the young check out clerks are bright and happy, a modern miracle, it would seem.

Publix fried chicken

Fried chicken. OK. Enough about the wonderful team and great working conditions at Publix. The real reason I love Publix is – the fried chicken. It’s crisp, it’s golden, it’s delicious. It’s great value for money and the perfect treat for game night or those once in a while meals where you can’t bear the idea of cooking. Sure it’s not the hands-down best in the southern regions, but it’s pretty darn good. (If you’re after an awesome home cooked chicken recipe, check this out!)

Did I mention the Subs?

Whether you like ‘em hot or cold, the subs at Publix are pretty great. They are fresh and tasty and pilled high with all your favorite fillings. Pickles, olives and really nice quality meats and cheeses on super fresh bread. The Cuban is a personal favorite. Darling husband loves his Philly Cheese. Mmm, Publix subs… Droooool.

It’s kid friendly

They have fun carts for kids and give out balloons to keep the little ones entertained. Plus if you’re really lucky and wandering past the bakery section, you may even get free cookies. And take it from me, the cookies here are really good. Not that I would ever steal a cookie from one of my children. No. Way. Never.

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