5 Ways to Make Your Clothing Last Longer


Extending the life of your clothing can mean the difference between feeling like you have nothing to wear, and realizing that you actually do have clothes in your closet. It means you can take advantage of the pieces that you already own when a special occasion pops up unexpectedly. That dress with the broken zip hanging in your closet needn’t have been such a waste. If you take better care of your clothes, its only logical that they will last you much longer. Of course, clothing labels are not happy that we are sharing these secrets with you – they want you to buy new stuff each season. But we’re all about saving at 5 Star Saver, so here are some great ways to make your clothing last longer.

Ditch the dryer

And use a clothesline instead. A basic clothesline costs nothing compared to the expenses involved with owning a dryer. Dryers chew up electricity fast, and the money you spent using one could have been better spent on a new item of clothing! Using a clothesline will prevent the dryer shrinking your clothes or damaging more delicate pieces. It will also keep your clothes looking and smelling fresh.

Zip it!

Before putting clothes in the washing machine, make sure any jeans, jackets, skirts or dresses are zipped up. This is the golden rule for ensuring clothes won’t snag and tear through your favorite item of clothing!

Ice, ice baby

Wherever possible, use cold water in your washing machine. Using hot water takes up too much money, and cold water is gentler on almost all fabrics.

Hand washing is necessary… sometimes

Most items of clothing won’t need to be hand washed and can be put straight into the machine. However, certain pieces are too delicate to be thrown in with a normal load. Lingerie is an example of something that should be hand washed, but all too often isn’t. Alternatively, if your washing machine has a setting for “delicates” or “intimates”, go with this option, but still wash delicate items in a laundry bag to prevent any damage occurring.

Don’t wash every time

While it’s advisable to wash most clothing after each wear, some items can get away without being washed every time. Jeans and most denim pieces can get a few wears out of them before becoming too dirty. Jackets and pullovers are other items that can get away without having a wash. But make sure you keep an eye on them – you don’t want to unintentionally become stinky!

Do you have any tips for extending the life of your clothes?

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