4 ways to buy quality clothing for cheap

buy quality clothing for cheap

Need a bit of frugal inspiration before you go clothes shopping this weekend? Our thrifty reminders for how to buy quality clothing for cheap will have you second-guessing whether or not you really need that $20 shirt made with cheap material… Not such a bargain after its worn out in three months, is it? Here are the best ways to score a bargain when clothes shopping.

Thrift stores

Depending on the thrift store, you may have to carefully dig for a decent buy. Often though, there are hidden treasures in thrift stores, ready to be snapped up by the discerning fashion buyer – should you be willing to take a good look. Occasionally, you will find a good buy but may have to fix a hem or replace a button – but in the grand scheme of things, these minor alterations are usually worth every penny for good quality clothing for cheap.

Consignment stores

Consignment stores are usually pickier than thrift stores with their clothing items. Often, you can find brand name clothing of good quality without tears or stains. In saying that, consignment stores can be a little pricier than thrift stores, too. The clothes sell for about 30-40% of what it sells for brand new. Still, that’s a win in my book.

Yard sales

When heading to a yard sale intending to buy clothing, its helpful to have ideas of sizing in your head, as there often isn’t a suitable place to try clothes on. As with thrift stores, yard sales require a good eye for quality, and you may have to sort through clothes to get to the diamond in the rough.

Have a clothing swap

Host a get-together with your friends and have a clothing swap. This is one of the most fun ways to get some new clothes. Set a date, split a cheap bottle of wine, and get hubby to look after the kids. Set rules beforehand about stained or torn clothing. If you all have kids, get your friends to bring over their unwanted children’s clothes too – your bubba could score a new wardrobe too!

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