Cleaning Out Your Closet – so embarrassing!


You’re closer than ever to being the proud owner of a minimalist-looking wardrobe. Part 2 of Cleaning Out Your Closet will have your wardrobe looking like a dream in no time. Here are some more items to have a zero-tolerance policy on.

Holey socks, underwear and bras that have seen better days

Just because no one else sees them doesn’t mean they deserve to stay in your wardrobe. Underwear that is falling apart tends to be a downer on our self-confidence and can make you feel poorer than ever. Chuck them out and treat yourself to some quality undergarments. Even if no one else appreciates it, you will.

Anything with an unrelenting stain

If you’ve tried and tried to get rid of a stubborn stain, but it won’t budge (and is big enough to be noticeable), throw the item of clothing out. Or repurpose it. Just don’t keep that blouse with the red wine stain on the front any longer.

Items that don’t belong in your wardrobe

This isn’t a deal breaker. But if you can help it, it’s best not to try to fit boxes of miscellaneous stuff in the place where you keep your clothes, if you can help it. Try to find another place in your house or garage where you can keep your old tennis rackets and wedding photos. If you’re tight on space and can barely fit your clothes in, it’s a good idea to invest in dedicated shoe-holders and drawers for underwear – you can get these for next-to-nothing at Walmart.

Sentimental items

These are certain items that have no place in your closet once they are past their expiry date. Think prom dresses and bridesmaid dresses. If you need a memento, take a photo of the item and make sure you have old treasured photos in which you’re wearing it. But if you’re really having trouble letting go, you can always keep them in storage somewhere else in your home. It just doesn’t belong in your current wardrobe.

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